Brew #17: Brown Ale

Posted by admin on Friday 13 November 2009

After about 3 months of not brewing anything, I finally ran out and decided to make another brown ale.

Brown Ale

We started it on the 5th and bottled it Wednesday, so it should be ready just in time for Thanksgiving. I have a ton of unused bottles sitting around, so I will likely brew something else in a couple weeks.

Check out The Smith Family to see what else we’ve been doing.

Parenting update

Posted by admin on Wednesday 9 September 2009

I posted it elsewhere a while back, but forgot to do so here. Kaden recently (and finally) mastered the art of walking.

As for the homebrew, I still have a lot left and have slowed down a little with drinking it.  My next brew will probably be a brown ale in October.

Pictures of beer

Posted by admin on Wednesday 26 August 2009

For someone who makes a lot of beer, I don’t take many pictures of my work. Hopefully that will change.

Picture of Beer
In this photo: Red Lager and Brazilian Coffee Beer.

Baby pictures

Posted by admin on Monday 17 August 2009

My Brazilian coffee beer has been done for a few weeks, and thanks to a helpful commenter, I noticed my Red lager is too. 135 bottles of homebrew take a long time to drink, so I have plenty of time to spend with the baby as I think of something for my 17th beer.

BEER mom says her dad wants to watch me make my next brew. I recently ordered 10 lbs of Kona coffee, so a Kona coffee beer isn’t out of the picture.

As for Kaden, he’s finally getting more teeth and will be 17 months next weekend.  The last 17 months have been amazing. I am definitely glad we had a boy first instead of a girl. Here are a few pictures from the last couple months.

Looking out the windowSitting with MommyChillin at the pool
Scooting aroundWagon rideYelling with Grandma
Future Whopper eaterDrinkin juiceMommy kisses

I will share more homebrew pictures next time.

Brazilian Coffee Beer

Posted by admin on Wednesday 15 July 2009

My Sparkling Beer finished up a couple weeks ago and is already running low (summertime does that) so I started my 16th brew last weekend, which is a coffee beer from an adapted Porter recipe.

The coffee beers I made previously were all Stouts, which is darker, and more like a Guinness.  I chose Porter this time to have a slightly lighter beer to compliment the lighter Brazilian coffee beans I had on hand.  If all goes well, we will be bottling the beer this weekend and will end up with a dark amber, Brazilian coffee beer that has a bit of a nutty taste.

Over the 4th of July we took the new car on our first family roadtrip, which was a nice 14-hour car ride to Grand Lake, CO and back.  Kaden didn’t mind the ride too much until the 13th hour or so each way.  BEER mom has a vacation recap and pictures on his site and hers.  I will post video once I covert the DVD.

Here are a few of my favorites:

First Road TripFamily Road TripGranby, COGrand Lake, COBEER mom

Two Brews: Sparkling Beer & Red Lager

Posted by admin on Wednesday 17 June 2009

Shortly after brewing my sparkling ale, I read through the recipe for the lager I planned on making next, and suddenly remembered a major difference between lagers and ales:

Lagers take about 3 months to condition while ales only take a week or two.

This time requirement is the main reason everything I have made so far has been an ale, along with the fact that it would require another 3 or 4 cases of bottles.

We bottled the sparkling ale Sunday and I went ahead and brewed the lager last night.  This way I have something to drink while I wait.

The ale, or sparkling beer, as I decided to call it, will be ready around the 27th.  The lager should be ready for bottling this weekend, so I will probably buy bottles from my local homebrew store tomorrow.

In case you are keeping track, the sparkling beer was BEER dad brew #14 and red lager is #15.

The BEER dad Countdown

Posted by admin on Thursday 4 June 2009

Tonight I will embark on a journey I call the BEER dad countdown.

First 12 brews from BEERdad

Like a modern day Noah, but crafty, I have been saving two of every beer I’ve made.

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Girly Beer

Posted by admin on Monday 18 May 2009

Something I once thought was impossible has happened. The wife suddenly decided she likes beer too and wants to brew 2 batches next time so we can make something lighter for her.

BEER mom

(Disclaimer: That was BEER mom 18 months ago when she was still pregnant.)

I am looking at kegs and additional brew pots to make the process a little smoother. If you have suggestions or homebrew recipes your spouse likes, let me know.

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Sumatra Stout

Posted by admin on Sunday 17 May 2009

I brewed homebrew #13 a couple weeks ago, and it just got to the point where it is ready to drink.  This time we made another coffee beer using 1/2lb of the Sumatra Mandheling I have been roasting and selling on Twitter as @WichitaCoffee.

Sumatra Stout

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First Easter

Posted by admin on Saturday 11 April 2009

Easter Beer

My English Bitter is ready and so is Laura’s Easter basket. She hasn’t seen it yet, so no telling her what she got.

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