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Posted by admin on Wednesday 12 December 2007

Nut Brown AleAs a new homebrewer I was pretty worried my first batch would turn out bad and convince me never to try again. Luckily though that didn’t happen.

A friend turned me on to a small store in Wichita named What’s Brewin’, which is where I purchased my supplies. My first batch was Munton’s Nut Brown Ale. The ingredients yielded about 5.5 gallons of fermentable goodness, and took about a week for the yeast to do its thing.

I went back to the store the next weekend and purchased a capper and two cases of refurbished brown bottles, and went to work bottling my brew the next night.

For some reason (I think it was the Imperial measurements) I thought my 48 bottles plus 4 I saved would be enough for 5+ gallons of beer. About 3 hours, 52 glass bottles, 2 wine bottles, 1 Juicy Juice container, and 4 water bottles later I learned otherwise.

After another 2 – 2½ weeks of warm and cool storage I was able to try my first sip. Despite ruining a small portion of the batch with plastic bottles, the ale turned out wonderful.

It pours a dark translucent brown with a thick, foamy head. There is a faint nutty aroma, and the taste is amazing. I have always enjoyed trying new premium beers (which is why I never share mine at parties), and would have to say this is among the best I’ve had.

Munton’s Nut Brown Ale

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