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Wheat Beer

Posted by admin on Sunday 30 March 2008

BEER mom and I had a very busy week since we now have an entire BEER family, but that didn’t stop us from making wheat beer on Saturday.

My whole family actually helped out with this batch because they were in town this weekend visiting Kaden.

Laura and I ran to our local homebrew store before they arrived and picked up the last can of wheat beer extract. The owner said she didn’t expect such a large demand because everyone had been buying stout all winter, but her customers usually switch to wheat beer the first nice week of spring. This is good stuff to know for some of our future ventures (

Before I get into the brewing details, here are a few more pictures of our 6 day old son, Kaden.

Me holding Kaden

Kaden and his grandma (my mom)

Kaden and his grandpa (my dad)

Kaden and his aunt Stacie (my sister)

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How to spoil a baby

Posted by admin on Sunday 16 March 2008

I am sitting here drinking one of my Nut Brown Ale’s from December (which still tastes awesome by the way) and I have come to the conclusion that our baby is going to be spoiled when he arrives.

We are having two baby showers just like how BEER mom had two bridal showers, because our families live on different ends of the state. Last night we were in Overland Park, KS for the baby shower with my side of the family, and now I can’t think of anything else the little guy would ever need. In my opinion the best way to spoil a baby is to let everyone get in on the action.

He is the first grandchild on BEER mom’s side of the family, and among the first on mine. My parents and relatives absolutely love babies so they spoiled us and him with a shower of presents. Here are a few of the things he now has:

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More Nut Brown Ale & Bottles

Posted by admin on Sunday 16 March 2008

I now have 3 bottles of the first batch of beer ever brewed under the BEER dad name back in my possession. I will probably drink one tonight and plan to put at least one more into a six pack with my espresso stout and an amber ale. There is one more espresso stout roaming around in Wichita, and if I can convince the owner to return it I will make 2 six packs of each of my first 6 brews.

BEER mom and I were in Kansas City last night for one of our baby showers and I handed out some of my amber ale. I didn’t hear any complaints and also received compliments from the people who had some of my nut brown ale. I am trying to convince everyone that drinks to save brown bottles for me so I can clean and reuse them, that way I can continue to give away my beer without the added expense of buying each time.

When you brew your own beer the packaging is always the most expensive part. I took 12 of my amber ale last night and came home with 10 empty bottles (not sure what happened to the others). Then by brother gave me back 2 bottles he had from the nut brown ale and my dad gave me the 3 bottles that still contain some of my first brew.

Thank you to everyone saved the beer in the event that forgot to save some, and everyone planning on hoarding bottles for me.

Homemade Amber Ale

Posted by admin on Wednesday 12 March 2008

Homemade Amber Ale

My amber ale turned out pretty good and I’m looking forward to the 58 bottles I have left. A few people have already said I should make wheat beer for my next batch, and there is a good chance of that happening.

I will also begin roasting my own coffee this weekend so I am hoping to brew more coffee beer sometime soon too.

Waiting for beer is the hardest part

Posted by admin on Saturday 8 March 2008

I tried some of my amber ale Thursday and Friday night and it’s still not ready. Waiting for beer is always the hardest part.

For now it has a bright orangish-red color, similar to the orange in the BEER dad logo above. I can tell it’s not ready because you can still taste the sugar when you drink it.

I am already convinced I will not like it as much as my last two beers, because I’m not a big fan of light beer. I don’t plan to let it go to waste either though. It should be done by Wednesday at the latest.

Amber Ale: One Week Left!

Posted by admin on Saturday 1 March 2008

I noticed last night that my fermenter was done bubbling so me and BEER mom bottled the Amber Ale. It will be ready in a little over a week.

I rinsed and sterilized each of my bottles, which took about 30 minutes. Then we gave each one 1 tsp of corn sugar.

Prepping Bottles

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Third Brew – Amber Ale

Posted by admin on Sunday 24 February 2008

As I mentioned yesterday, we made our Amber Ale last night. I did most of the work, but BEER mom helped a lot by holding the spoon and adding the yeast, so let’s give her credit too.

It seems like this batch took less time than the other two, but I suppose we are becoming more experienced. We started around 11pm with the extract pictured in yesterday’s post, and finished just after midnight.

As with the other brews, I had to prep and sanitize everything first, like our brew pot, fermenter, spoons, and measuring cups.

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New Brew Tonight

Posted by admin on Saturday 23 February 2008

BEER mom and I will be making some of this tonight:

Amber Extract

We had to go with a malt extract again because the glass carboy I inherited didn’t make it to our place yet. There is also a hops shortage going on, so this is a cheaper route and tastes just as good.

I plan on taking pictures again as we brew, and I will post them tomorrow. We will bottle it next weekend and it will be ready the week after that.

BEER mom also picked up some ingredients to make her own style of cream soda, so we will be starting that in a few days too. It needs to ferment and will have a very slight alcohol content when it’s ready.

Amber Ale

Posted by admin on Sunday 10 February 2008

It looks like I will be brewing up some Amber Ale in a few weeks.

Amber Ale

I still have 30 bottles of espresso stout that need to be emptied before I start the next batch, and I won’t begin until I have about 12ish left.

BEERmom and I will probably pick up the ingredients next weekend though.

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Best Beer Ever

Posted by admin on Thursday 27 December 2007

First BrewI thoroughly tested the quality of my beer this week by giving bottles to the connoisseurs in my family, and received feedback such as “wow that’s good” and “holy cow that’s amazing”. Several others said it was the best beer they ever tasted.

I think they were a little worried about what they were about to drink, then surprised. Some of them probably exaggerated a bit too.

One recipient stated it was a lot better than Bud Light (which is understandable since it’s an entirely different style of beer), while another warned a family member who owns a brewery of his impending demise.

Consensus: It was pretty damn good.

I appreciate the compliments on my beer, but thought I would share that for a number of reasons I do not believe there is such thing as a “best beer in the world”.

The most important reason should be apparent to anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of something. That reason being – if there is such thing as a best ______ in the world then you would only eat/drink/consume that and would not be actually be a connoisseur. Crazy beer nuts.

I think the best thing about all consumable things I love (such as beer or coffee or music) is that there are so many excellent options to choose from that I never really have to try the same thing twice. That’s how I feel about beer as well.

I have 6 bottles left from my first batch of beer, and once I finish them I will probably never make that recipe again (unless of course I forget I already tried it). I am going to start my next batch – an espresso stout – this weekend, so I am researching different recipes.

If you have successfully made coffee beer then I could use some tips, if not then wish me luck. I will be back this weekend with baby details and pictures from my second brew.

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