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Two Brews: Sparkling Beer & Red Lager

Posted by admin on Wednesday 17 June 2009

Shortly after brewing my sparkling ale, I read through the recipe for the lager I planned on making next, and suddenly remembered a major difference between lagers and ales:

Lagers take about 3 months to condition while ales only take a week or two.

This time requirement is the main reason everything I have made so far has been an ale, along with the fact that it would require another 3 or 4 cases of bottles.

We bottled the sparkling ale Sunday and I went ahead and brewed the lager last night.  This way I have something to drink while I wait.

The ale, or sparkling beer, as I decided to call it, will be ready around the 27th.  The lager should be ready for bottling this weekend, so I will probably buy bottles from my local homebrew store tomorrow.

In case you are keeping track, the sparkling beer was BEER dad brew #14 and red lager is #15.

Amber Wheat Beer

Posted by admin on Sunday 8 February 2009


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Bottled Porter

Posted by admin on Friday 10 October 2008

I noticed yesterday our porter was ready for bottling, so we spent the evening sanitizing, priming, filling, and capping the bottles. It’s a lot of work, but worth it because we ended up with just under 70 bottles for only $30.

My porter now gets to condition for about a week before I raid it. You could drink some now, but it would be too sugary to enjoy. It will end up almost exactly 5% abv and slightly darker than the picture a few posts below.

Homebrew Amber Bock

Posted by admin on Saturday 9 August 2008

We bottled the amber bock last night and are now patiently awaiting it’s arrival in our fridge.  In the process I was forced to finish my bitter so I would have enough bottles.

I will be beta tasting the bock later this week and will be researching how to make a good wine because my and BEER mom’s 2nd anniversary is just around the corner.

My amber bock will be about 6% alcohol when it’s ready.

Bitter Countdown

Posted by admin on Monday 7 July 2008

After an eventful weekend, our Bitter is finally bottled and conditioning, and will be ready in another week.  I’ll spare the details of the process, because bottling this beer went exactly the same as the other 5 times.

We ended up with 72 bottles, but opened one to take the ending gravity to determine the alcohol content.  The bitter ended up darker than I thought it would, but I was aiming for an amber color anyway so I guess that counts as a success.  It is just over 5% alcohol, which is fairly strong compared to other pale ales.  It is light brown in color and seems to have a lingering aftertaste like the coffee beer.

Bottled Coffee Beer

Posted by admin on Sunday 18 May 2008

Our coffee beer is now living in 67 wonderful bottles of caffeinated goodness. We bottled it last night prior to the Riverfest fireworks finale. Once again we followed our usual bottling routine, meaning I sterilized and sanitized everything, primed the bottles, and begin filling them when everything was ready.

Sterilized Bottles

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How to bottle wheat beer

Posted by admin on Saturday 5 April 2008

The bubbling sound coming from our fermenter slowed the other day so BEER mom and I bottled it Thursday night once baby went to sleep.

We had a rough first few nights with him, because waking up every 3 hours wasn’t something we were used to. He also didn’t like something Laura ate so we quickly learned about the most useful parenting secret – mylicon drops.

He’s sleeping fine now and had his first doctor’s appointment yesterday. There are more pictures of him after the bottling pictures.

How to bottle beer

I’ve already talked about how easy it is to make beer, and bottling is no different. You typically need 2 1/2 cases of bottles for bottling time (if you are making a 5 gallon brew) ± another 4 – 6 depending on how full you fill them.

The first and most important step when bottling is having everything sanitized and prepared before you begin.

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Amber Ale: One Week Left!

Posted by admin on Saturday 1 March 2008

I noticed last night that my fermenter was done bubbling so me and BEER mom bottled the Amber Ale. It will be ready in a little over a week.

I rinsed and sterilized each of my bottles, which took about 30 minutes. Then we gave each one 1 tsp of corn sugar.

Prepping Bottles

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Coffee Beer

Posted by admin on Tuesday 8 January 2008

My coffee beer finished primary fermentation on Sunday so BEERmom and I spent the evening sanitizing and filling bottles. She wasn’t too excited when I bottled my first batch because I was pretty messy, so she decided to help.

Once everything was sanitized we primed each bottle with a teaspoon of corn sugar, then she handed them to me one by one. I filled them and handed them off to her to be capped, and this time I actually had enough bottles, so we didn’t have to get creative.

The batch made 63 bottles, which are now conditioning under our bar until it’s time to move them to the fridge. The recipe says they will be ready after a week, but I plan to wait at least two before seeing how they turned out.

Photos from bottling night below.

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