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The BEER dad Countdown

Posted by admin on Thursday 4 June 2009

Tonight I will embark on a journey I call the BEER dad countdown.

First 12 brews from BEERdad

Like a modern day Noah, but crafty, I have been saving two of every beer I’ve made.

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Girly Beer

Posted by admin on Monday 18 May 2009

Something I once thought was impossible has happened. The wife suddenly decided she likes beer too and wants to brew 2 batches next time so we can make something lighter for her.

BEER mom

(Disclaimer: That was BEER mom 18 months ago when she was still pregnant.)

I am looking at kegs and additional brew pots to make the process a little smoother. If you have suggestions or homebrew recipes your spouse likes, let me know.

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BEER dad Chili

Posted by admin on Friday 28 November 2008

While my third batch of coffee beer has been ready for most of the month, I decided that rather than bragging about it on here I would instead make my way around town and pass out samples.

24 bottles have been given away so far and the response is pretty much the same as all the other times… it’s amazing.

This weekend BEER mom and I brewed up another one of our award winning concoctions – chili. The exact recipe we use is top secret, mainly because it wins at chili cook-offs, but here is a list of ingredients it includes:
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For coffee drinkers only

Posted by admin on Wednesday 18 June 2008

Forgive me for the rant, but I have to say I’m disappointed in the response I’m getting to my coffee beer. I am disappointed because the only people I can find brave enough to try some are either not coffee drinkers or not fans of dark beer.

I think the coffee beer is absolutely amazing and would like to share it with people who truly appreciate both coffee and beer, however I can’t find any. Some of the responses I’ve received so far include:

  • I can’t really taste any coffee, but taste the alcohol.
  • It was damn yummy.
  • It was good, I’ve had it before. (Confused with my Nut Brown Ale)
  • Whew that coffee is strong. I can’t finish this. It’s going to keep me up for days.
  • It’s good, but I don’t want a whole one.
  • I don’t drink coffee, but it was pretty good. I could smell the coffee.

I am going to feel real bad if I end up drinking it all myself. Let me know on twitter if and when you want any so I can finally arrange that beer tasting party I’ve been talking about the past few weeks.

Due to the lack of positive feedback I am probably going to make something light next time I brew beer.

Bottled Coffee Beer

Posted by admin on Sunday 18 May 2008

Our coffee beer is now living in 67 wonderful bottles of caffeinated goodness. We bottled it last night prior to the Riverfest fireworks finale. Once again we followed our usual bottling routine, meaning I sterilized and sanitized everything, primed the bottles, and begin filling them when everything was ready.

Sterilized Bottles

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Almost bottling time for coffee beer

Posted by admin on Thursday 15 May 2008

The bubbling in the fermenter is beginning to slow which means it’s almost bottling time. I need to pick up more corn sugar Saturday morning because I ran out, so most likely we will do work Saturday afternoon.

I also received my bottle caps and a new thermometer today, so other than the sugar and the beer being not quite ready, everything is good to go.

People have asked if I ever thought about putting labels on my beer, which currently I do not plan on doing, but I am looking into how much it would cost to have my own BEER dad or Beercompany bottle caps made.

I’ll be back this weekend with pictures from bottling, and hopefully whatever information I find on having custom caps made. The ones I have been using are what they call “overrun caps” because they are custom caps that go over the quantity ordered and are then sold in bulk at a discount.

These I got today are for a well known brand.

Homeroasted, Homebrewed Coffee

Posted by admin on Monday 17 March 2008

I failed to mention in my last two posts that in addition to brewing beer, I started roasting my own coffee as well. I began this weekend using an old popcorn popper and 5 pounds of green (unroasted) coffee.

Similar to what I discovered with making beer, if you enjoy coffee – roasting your own just makes sense. It tastes better than anything you could ever buy, is inexpensive, and saves a ton of money in the long run.

I love coffee just as much as I do beer, so prior to roasting my own I bought whole bean coffee to grind myself. I found this was still cheaper than buying ground coffee and it allowed me to brew what ever style of coffee I desired (espresso, drip, press, etc).

Buying it whole bean cost $10 – 12 per pound and typically last me about a month. By roasting my own I am able to buy different varieties of beans from around the world and have them shipped for still less than $5 / pound.

If stored properly, green coffee can last a long time, so not only can I store it and create my own blends of coffee, I am able to choose how dark or light it is too. With whole bean or preground coffee I had to drink the same thing for at least a month before getting anything else.

Brewing beer is still number one in my book, so I don’t plan on becoming COFFEE dad anytime soon (although the website is available). I just figured my coffee endeavors were worth mentioning since you will probably hear about them again when I make my next batch of coffee beer.

Beer Company™ Homemade Cherry CREAM soda

Posted by admin on Sunday 2 March 2008

The wife and I brewed up a batch of homemade cream soda last night so we will be sampling some of that around the time my Amber Ale gets done.

Making homemade cream soda is very easy and doesn’t require a lot of time or ingredients, but if you are making a large enough batch it helps if you have brewing equipment.

We researched recipes and found you can easily make homemade cream soda using things you already have in your kitchen, but since my beer usually makes 6 gallons, we decided to buy ingredients so we could make plenty of our own.

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I’m never drinking beer again

Posted by admin on Tuesday 26 February 2008

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