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Second Baby Shower

Posted by admin on Monday 24 March 2008

BEER mom had her second baby shower this weekend (she had two because our friends and family are split between Kansas City and Wichita) and it’s a good thing too because she was having contractions all through the weekend. I won’t bore you with the details, instead here are some of the things our little guy, Kaden, received.

Welcome Kaden

He got a nice cake that BEER mom enjoyed.

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New paint for baby

Posted by admin on Friday 21 March 2008

BEER mom and I decided to paint the baby’s room before he gets here and before the shower we are having this weekend.

It used to be a whole assortment of colors left over from the previous owners. One wall was half white and half pink, another was light blue, and the other two were a pale yellow.

We choose to tone it down a bit with light beige and a dark brown accent. We also added the decorations we received last weekend.

Zebra Canvas

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How to spoil a baby

Posted by admin on Sunday 16 March 2008

I am sitting here drinking one of my Nut Brown Ale’s from December (which still tastes awesome by the way) and I have come to the conclusion that our baby is going to be spoiled when he arrives.

We are having two baby showers just like how BEER mom had two bridal showers, because our families live on different ends of the state. Last night we were in Overland Park, KS for the baby shower with my side of the family, and now I can’t think of anything else the little guy would ever need. In my opinion the best way to spoil a baby is to let everyone get in on the action.

He is the first grandchild on BEER mom’s side of the family, and among the first on mine. My parents and relatives absolutely love babies so they spoiled us and him with a shower of presents. Here are a few of the things he now has:

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Beer and Parenting: Part 4

Posted by admin on Tuesday 11 March 2008

How making beer is similar to parenting

  • The first one is always the hardest

Homebrew: You will never so scared about making beer as you were with your first. When I made my first brew I was terrified I would do something wrong and my first beer would be a failure. I was afraid if this happened, either I wouldn’t want to make more or my wife wouldn’t let me since I would have wasted so much. Once you make your first each one after seems easier. As long as you are prepared and do everything right you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Parenting: My fear right now is that I might do something wrong or will forget something and that our first baby won’t turn out right. If we have another kid, most likely I won’t be as worried. Again though – similar to making beer – as long as we both are there, are supportive, take our time, and do everything right, then our little guy should turn out just fine.

Beer and Parenting: Part 3

Posted by admin on Monday 10 March 2008

How making beer is similar to parenting

  • You always want the best for your baby

Homebrew: When you’re making beer you always want the best for it so it turns out right. You also might want it to be the best beer you’ve ever had. Because of this you will probably go out of your way to make sure everything goes well. One time I almost took a blanket away from BEER mom just to make sure the beer was warm enough while it was fermenting. She got mad though and wouldn’t let me.

Parenting: Kids are a lot like beer because they are like your baby too, which means you will probably want the best for them as well. You will strive to take care of them and to do everything right so they will turn out good. You want your baby to be as happy and healthy as possible so he can live a long and prosperous life.

  • Other people’s babies are never as good as your own

Homebrew: Once you make your first beer you will probably become biased and will think it is better than everyone else’s beer. This is ok because it probably is. No other beer could possibly top the way yours looks nor could it taste so good. You will probably stop drinking other beer all together, which is fine because it will save you money.

Parenting: At one time or another you probably knew someone who thought their little brat was the smartest and cutest thing ever. They are wrong because your kid is the smartest, cutest, and most popular. Yours will probably grow up to be rich and successful, while the other person’s kid is nothing but trouble. In reality though, all parents eventually think their kid is the best, but this is ok because every kid deserves that kind of admiration.

Stop by tomorrow for my final reason on why making beer is a lot like parenting.

Beer and Parenting: Part 2

Posted by admin on Sunday 9 March 2008

How making beer is similar to parenting

  • You must learn to be patient

Homebrew: One thing I learned very quickly is that you have to be patient when making beer. Beer needs plenty of time to ferment and condition, otherwise it will be premature and will turn out bad. If you bottle the beer too soon you risk having too much pressure build up and the bottle exploding, or if you drink one too soon the beer will probably be too sweet.

Parenting: Just try surviving without patience. The last thing you want your kid to remember when he or she grows up is how you always yelled at them for not doing what you told them. Kids need to be taught how to act, and need to be reminded again and again until it becomes second nature. If you aren’t patient you will probably end up being one of those parents screaming at their kids at Wal-Mart, and no one likes them.

  • It’s important to provide the right environment

Homebrew: If you want your beer to turn out right you need to keep it under fairly stable conditions while it ferments and conditions. A lot of brews have particular guidelines for how warm or cold the ingredients can get before it will go bad. An important example is at what temperature you add the yeast. If you can’t provide a stable, positive environment then most likely your beer won’t turn out right.

Parenting: Similar to when making beer, you need to provide the right environment for your child as well. If you don’t provide a positive, nurturing environment then your kid will probably spoil and you might as well forget about them and start over. That’s at least what do when you beer goes bad. Or you just provide a good environment so it doesn’t happen in the first place.

Check back tomorrow for two more reasons on how making beer is like parenting.

Beer and Parenting

Posted by admin on Saturday 8 March 2008

People who hear about BEER dad often tell me I choose a strange combination of topics when I say I write about beer and parenting.

I think there’s nothing wrong with these topics, because from what I have experienced homebrew is a lot like raising a child.

Granted, our baby isn’t even here yet, but preparing for him is a lot like making beer too. Plus, doing that right is already more than what most parents do.

How making beer is similar to parenting

  • Preparation is important

Homebrew: Before you make beer you have to make sure everything is clean and sterilized. You need to make sure everything is ready, because once you begin you can’t stop. There are no do-overs if you forget something or make a mistake once you have started.

Parenting: If it’s your first child, or even not, you are going to have to make a lot of changes to get ready. You need to plan and prepare for when your baby arrives. If you don’t already have a crib, car seat, bottles, and such you will need to get all that before he comes. Everyone says it’s hard to get these things if the baby is already there, and you can’t go back and re-prepare if it’s too late.

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Baby News

Posted by admin on Saturday 19 January 2008

In case you have forgotten, BEERdad is a site where I write about two of the three greatest things in life: beer and parenting.

Some of you seemed a little shocked when I wrote about the baby’s room, which is why I suggest you actually read the about page of the blogs you read. In case you are still not paying attention: this site is about beer and parenting, and this entry is about our baby.

For those of you who didn’t know, my wife and I are having our first child in April, and unless the doctors and sonogram turn out to be wrong, the baby will be a boy.

According to my wife’s blog about the baby, he is 26 weeks along today and should now be able to hear all the stupid stuff we say and do. Recently we’ve been listening to a lot of techno and 60s music on XM so he will probably turn out to be pretty musical like his dad.

Other than making beer, family members have been giving us a lot of baby clothes, and we have been trying to finish his room and our basement since we probably won’t get much of a chance to do so when he’s here. My other site says he will be here in 92 days.

Baby’s Room

Posted by admin on Tuesday 8 January 2008

Once we finished bottling our coffee beer, BEERmom and I got to start piecing together the furniture we picked out for the baby’s room. We put the crib together Sunday and finished the little guy’s changing table and dresser last night. The set has a cherry finish to match the rocking chair we purchased a few weeks ago.

Crib and Dresser

Crib and Dresser

Changing Table and Rocker

Changing Table and Rocker

We still have 4 months before the room will get any use so we plan to use the time to recolor the walls and do a little decorating. As you know, I am new at the whole parenting (and decorating) thing so any suggestions are welcome.