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Inauguration Beer

Posted by admin on Tuesday 20 January 2009

My American ale is finally done and happens to taste excellent. Not only am I glad it’s ready, I’m slightly amazed by what day it finished on. Because of that, I will call it my special inauguration beer. BEER mom and I had tickets for today’s events, but ended up staying home since airfare is expensive.

BEER dad American Ale

In about a week I am going to brew an amber wheat beer for BEER dad brew #11.

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BEER dad Chili

Posted by admin on Friday 28 November 2008

While my third batch of coffee beer has been ready for most of the month, I decided that rather than bragging about it on here I would instead make my way around town and pass out samples.

24 bottles have been given away so far and the response is pretty much the same as all the other times… it’s amazing.

This weekend BEER mom and I brewed up another one of our award winning concoctions – chili. The exact recipe we use is top secret, mainly because it wins at chili cook-offs, but here is a list of ingredients it includes:
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Fresh Brewed Porter

Posted by admin on Sunday 19 October 2008

Porter is done.

Let me know when you’re ready for a tasting.

Amber Bitter

Posted by admin on Friday 11 July 2008

BEER dad Bitter
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Beer Tasting

Posted by admin on Friday 6 June 2008

At the rate I am currently drinking the coffee beer (which is no more than one a night if even that) it should last me until the end of July.  It’s very good now that it’s been sitting longer, but it’s hard to drink because the caffeine is strong enough to keep me up at night.

If anyone would like to sample some let me know.  I have just over 50 bottles left and only found three other people to try any so far.  Not many of our friends enjoy good beer or fresh coffee as much as I do, so I’m not going to give it away to just anyone.

Hit me up on twitter or by other means if you want any.  Once I get down to around 20 I am going to start planning my next brew.