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The BEER dad Countdown

Posted by admin on Thursday 4 June 2009

Tonight I will embark on a journey I call the BEER dad countdown.

First 12 brews from BEERdad

Like a modern day Noah, but crafty, I have been saving two of every beer I’ve made.

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Sumatra Stout

Posted by admin on Sunday 17 May 2009

I brewed homebrew #13 a couple weeks ago, and it just got to the point where it is ready to drink.  This time we made another coffee beer using 1/2lb of the Sumatra Mandheling I have been roasting and selling on Twitter as @WichitaCoffee.

Sumatra Stout

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BEER dad Chili

Posted by admin on Friday 28 November 2008

While my third batch of coffee beer has been ready for most of the month, I decided that rather than bragging about it on here I would instead make my way around town and pass out samples.

24 bottles have been given away so far and the response is pretty much the same as all the other times… it’s amazing.

This weekend BEER mom and I brewed up another one of our award winning concoctions – chili. The exact recipe we use is top secret, mainly because it wins at chili cook-offs, but here is a list of ingredients it includes:
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Espresso Stout

Posted by admin on Saturday 1 November 2008

My porter is running low so Laura and I brewed espresso stout tonight.  We made some for our second brew last December and liked it, so I decided to make more. This is our 9th brew.

I used my own secret recipe this time, and my own beans, since I didn’t roast coffee last time I made it.  It won’t be ready for her 21st birthday, but that’s ok because I wouldn’t want to share it with her friends anyway. We will bottle it next weekend and should be able to drink it by the 18th.

Beer Tasting

Posted by admin on Friday 6 June 2008

At the rate I am currently drinking the coffee beer (which is no more than one a night if even that) it should last me until the end of July.  It’s very good now that it’s been sitting longer, but it’s hard to drink because the caffeine is strong enough to keep me up at night.

If anyone would like to sample some let me know.  I have just over 50 bottles left and only found three other people to try any so far.  Not many of our friends enjoy good beer or fresh coffee as much as I do, so I’m not going to give it away to just anyone.

Hit me up on twitter or by other means if you want any.  Once I get down to around 20 I am going to start planning my next brew.

Wichita Coffee Beer

Posted by admin on Monday 26 May 2008

I am pleased to introduce the newest addition to the BEER dad, Beer Company, and Wichita Brewing Co. line of ales: Wichita Coffee Beer.

Coffee Beer

I admit, I first got into it Thursday evening but was too busy updating all our sites to post anything then.

This coffee beer is just as dark as my espresso stout (which was made with espresso rather than drip brewed coffee) but is a little lighter in body and doesn’t come with the same after taste.  Those of you who have been following me on twitter probably know all about that by now.  I know many of you are also waiting to try some.

I’m also pleased to announce the first ever bi-monthly BEER dad beer tasting party, and the larger announcement – if economic and market conditions appear suitable (I’m currently doing research) I may consider starting a full blown brewery.  More on all that later.

Coffee Beer [Brew 5]

Posted by admin on Monday 12 May 2008

As I said before, there’s not a lot going on around here except us being parents, however I did get to sample several other styles of beer while I was in Chicago all of last week for work.

I flew out of Wichita last Saturday to set up for a trade show and worked at my company’s Chicago office for most of the week, then returned Friday afternoon.


While in Chicago I enjoyed several brews local to the area, and decided when I return I would make another coffee beer since that has been my favorite so far. BEER mom and I began the brewing process this Saturday by roasting a couple pounds of fresh coffee to use in the ale.

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What makes stout different from other beer?

Posted by admin on Friday 18 January 2008

My espresso stout is ready, and has the bitter kick you can only get from a shot of pure espresso. The ale is almost entirely black except for the head which appears in a thick, light-beige foam. It also doesn’t seem to have any particular smell, but defiantly carries a taste every connoisseur of coffee or beer would long for.

Coffee Beer

I gave in to my urges Tuesday night and tried my first bottle. Then another Wednesday, and a third last night. At first I thought the conditioning wasn’t finished, or maybe something went wrong because my first sip began very bitter. Then I recognized that bitter flavor as the taste of espresso.

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Moved the beer

Posted by admin on Friday 11 January 2008

Tonight I moved half the coffee beer to the fridge, which means one more week until it’s ready.

Beer Fridge

The rest of it is in the garage. Chances are I will probably give in and try one in a few days though.

Coffee Beer

Posted by admin on Tuesday 8 January 2008

My coffee beer finished primary fermentation on Sunday so BEERmom and I spent the evening sanitizing and filling bottles. She wasn’t too excited when I bottled my first batch because I was pretty messy, so she decided to help.

Once everything was sanitized we primed each bottle with a teaspoon of corn sugar, then she handed them to me one by one. I filled them and handed them off to her to be capped, and this time I actually had enough bottles, so we didn’t have to get creative.

The batch made 63 bottles, which are now conditioning under our bar until it’s time to move them to the fridge. The recipe says they will be ready after a week, but I plan to wait at least two before seeing how they turned out.

Photos from bottling night below.

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