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Second Brew – Espresso Stout

Posted by admin on Sunday 30 December 2007

I made my second batch of home brewed beer tonight, which is an espresso stout. I still don’t have a large enough brew pot to make my own wort so I had to use a concentrated Stout by Cooper’s.

The process was basically the same as last time except the directions said to add both the sugar and wort to boiling water prior to topping off the fermenter. I think last time I had to let it cool before adding in the sugar. I also added about 10oz of freshly brewed espresso using a blend of beans from a small roasterie in Kansas City.

BEERmom brought me my second to last bottle of nut brown ale to enjoy while I was adding water and giving everything a good stir. Adding the espresso was my idea, but several coffee beer recipes I read said doing so with a concentrate will still turn out pretty good beer.

The stout now is sitting on our bar downstairs for the next week or so before bottling time. Hopefully I will hear tiny bubbles sometime tomorrow or early Tuesday. More on how it turned out in a few weeks. For now, I’ve added pictures of the previous brew to the other posts. Below are some from tonight.

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