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Tips on Bottling Beer

Posted by admin on Saturday 3 January 2009

The corn sugar and caps I ordered ended up shipping late, so we were forced to wait an extra day before bottling our American Ale. While an extra day may not seem like much, the effect it has on homebrew can be disastrous depending on your recipe.

Our ale seems to be unaffected, but it is always good to bottle your beer at the precise time it’s ready. We ended up with 72 bottles this round, which will be ready for tasting in about 10 days.

72 bottles of American Ale

Many visitors to BEER dad ask me “how do you know when your beer is ready to bottle?” and some even ask how exactly you bottle it, so here are a few tips on when and how to bottle beer.
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Helpful tips for new homebrewers

Posted by admin on Sunday 30 December 2007

When leaving your local home brew store it is probably a good idea to ask for a shopping bag…

Corn Sugar

Yesterday I stocked up on ingredients for my second brew and had the privilege of walking around Downtown Wichita with a 4lb zip-lock full of a powdery white substance. I received plenty of dirty looks and was probably the only person that knew it was corn sugar.