What makes stout different from other beer?

Posted by admin on Friday 18 January 2008

My espresso stout is ready, and has the bitter kick you can only get from a shot of pure espresso. The ale is almost entirely black except for the head which appears in a thick, light-beige foam. It also doesn’t seem to have any particular smell, but defiantly carries a taste every connoisseur of coffee or beer would long for.

Coffee Beer

I gave in to my urges Tuesday night and tried my first bottle. Then another Wednesday, and a third last night. At first I thought the conditioning wasn’t finished, or maybe something went wrong because my first sip began very bitter. Then I recognized that bitter flavor as the taste of espresso.

It has been a while since I’ve had a shot of pure espresso (a taste for plain espresso takes a while to acquire), and I didn’t believe the flavor would carry over to after the beer was ready. Especially since the shots were disbursed into 63 separate bottles. Surprisingly though, it did.

The brew ended up around 7% abv, which means one bottle will yield the same results as two or more of what your friends are drinking. It also carries the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, so, although I don’t plan to do any testing, you’re probably be safe to drink one on your way to work. I didn’t want it to turn out overly powerful so I used a 60/40 blend of caffeinated vs. decaffeinated espresso beans.

One thing I noticed when I was drinking the one before bed last night is that it seemed to take forever to finish, which is good if you enjoy beer, and I felt more full afterward – something I never experienced with other beers.

Today I decided to research this feeling and discovered it is common among porters and stouts because the grain and hops used to create the wort lead to heavier ale with a pronounced bitterness, and powerful malt flavors. Stout is different from other types of beer because of its fuller body and bitterness, and according to experts, is best served near room temperature.

As for my coffee beer, it has quite a kick and will probably take a few sips for the common person to get used to. I would hate to see it go to waste, so unless you are a fan of coffee and dark, bitter beer, don’t plan on me letting you try any. It is very delicious though.

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