Beer and Parenting

Posted by admin on Saturday 8 March 2008

People who hear about BEER dad often tell me I choose a strange combination of topics when I say I write about beer and parenting.

I think there’s nothing wrong with these topics, because from what I have experienced homebrew is a lot like raising a child.

Granted, our baby isn’t even here yet, but preparing for him is a lot like making beer too. Plus, doing that right is already more than what most parents do.

How making beer is similar to parenting

  • Preparation is important

Homebrew: Before you make beer you have to make sure everything is clean and sterilized. You need to make sure everything is ready, because once you begin you can’t stop. There are no do-overs if you forget something or make a mistake once you have started.

Parenting: If it’s your first child, or even not, you are going to have to make a lot of changes to get ready. You need to plan and prepare for when your baby arrives. If you don’t already have a crib, car seat, bottles, and such you will need to get all that before he comes. Everyone says it’s hard to get these things if the baby is already there, and you can’t go back and re-prepare if it’s too late.

  • You must have the right supplies/ingredients

Homebrew: Depending on what you’re making, you will probably need special ingredients and will need the right tools. Once you have prepared and made your beer you will need bottles, caps, more sugar for secondary fermentation and priming, kegs if you are going to keg it, and so on. If you don’t have the right tools or ingredients, you might as well plan to fail at beer making. Beer can’t be made in any old bucket you know.

Parenting: Once your baby is born you need the right supplies and items to make sure you baby will be healthy and turn out right. A lot like when preparing, you will need the right supplies for when he grows and starts moving around, and plenty of toys, diapers and clean clothes – in the right size – for whenever things happen.

I have come up with a total of seven reasons on how making beer is a lot like parenting. Check in tomorrow for a few more.

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  1. Laura aka BEERmom

    Hehe everything must be clean and sterile when making babies too… 😛

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