Beer and Parenting: Part 2

Posted by admin on Sunday 9 March 2008

How making beer is similar to parenting

  • You must learn to be patient

Homebrew: One thing I learned very quickly is that you have to be patient when making beer. Beer needs plenty of time to ferment and condition, otherwise it will be premature and will turn out bad. If you bottle the beer too soon you risk having too much pressure build up and the bottle exploding, or if you drink one too soon the beer will probably be too sweet.

Parenting: Just try surviving without patience. The last thing you want your kid to remember when he or she grows up is how you always yelled at them for not doing what you told them. Kids need to be taught how to act, and need to be reminded again and again until it becomes second nature. If you aren’t patient you will probably end up being one of those parents screaming at their kids at Wal-Mart, and no one likes them.

  • It’s important to provide the right environment

Homebrew: If you want your beer to turn out right you need to keep it under fairly stable conditions while it ferments and conditions. A lot of brews have particular guidelines for how warm or cold the ingredients can get before it will go bad. An important example is at what temperature you add the yeast. If you can’t provide a stable, positive environment then most likely your beer won’t turn out right.

Parenting: Similar to when making beer, you need to provide the right environment for your child as well. If you don’t provide a positive, nurturing environment then your kid will probably spoil and you might as well forget about them and start over. That’s at least what do when you beer goes bad. Or you just provide a good environment so it doesn’t happen in the first place.

Check back tomorrow for two more reasons on how making beer is like parenting.

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  1. Laura aka BEERmom

    Why would you just forget about your kid and start over? That’s not very nice.

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