Beer and Parenting: Part 3

Posted by admin on Monday 10 March 2008

How making beer is similar to parenting

  • You always want the best for your baby

Homebrew: When you’re making beer you always want the best for it so it turns out right. You also might want it to be the best beer you’ve ever had. Because of this you will probably go out of your way to make sure everything goes well. One time I almost took a blanket away from BEER mom just to make sure the beer was warm enough while it was fermenting. She got mad though and wouldn’t let me.

Parenting: Kids are a lot like beer because they are like your baby too, which means you will probably want the best for them as well. You will strive to take care of them and to do everything right so they will turn out good. You want your baby to be as happy and healthy as possible so he can live a long and prosperous life.

  • Other people’s babies are never as good as your own

Homebrew: Once you make your first beer you will probably become biased and will think it is better than everyone else’s beer. This is ok because it probably is. No other beer could possibly top the way yours looks nor could it taste so good. You will probably stop drinking other beer all together, which is fine because it will save you money.

Parenting: At one time or another you probably knew someone who thought their little brat was the smartest and cutest thing ever. They are wrong because your kid is the smartest, cutest, and most popular. Yours will probably grow up to be rich and successful, while the other person’s kid is nothing but trouble. In reality though, all parents eventually think their kid is the best, but this is ok because every kid deserves that kind of admiration.

Stop by tomorrow for my final reason on why making beer is a lot like parenting.

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