Beer and Parenting: Part 4

Posted by admin on Tuesday 11 March 2008

How making beer is similar to parenting

  • The first one is always the hardest

Homebrew: You will never so scared about making beer as you were with your first. When I made my first brew I was terrified I would do something wrong and my first beer would be a failure. I was afraid if this happened, either I wouldn’t want to make more or my wife wouldn’t let me since I would have wasted so much. Once you make your first each one after seems easier. As long as you are prepared and do everything right you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Parenting: My fear right now is that I might do something wrong or will forget something and that our first baby won’t turn out right. If we have another kid, most likely I won’t be as worried. Again though – similar to making beer – as long as we both are there, are supportive, take our time, and do everything right, then our little guy should turn out just fine.

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