Amber Ale: One Week Left!

Posted by admin on Saturday 1 March 2008

I noticed last night that my fermenter was done bubbling so me and BEER mom bottled the Amber Ale. It will be ready in a little over a week.

I rinsed and sterilized each of my bottles, which took about 30 minutes. Then we gave each one 1 tsp of corn sugar.

Prepping Bottles

Next, I opened the fermenter and I hooked up the siphon hose so I could began bottling. I expected to see a more vibrant amber color when opening it, but the ale looked more brown than red. It still had a lot of the sugar and yeast in it, but should clear as it conditions. This is what I saw last night.

1/2 way ready

When I was filling the bottles I got a glimpse of what it might look like when it’s done next weekend. When I bottled the Coffee Beer it was semi-dark brown, but turned darker as it conditioned. The Amber Ale was actually light in color as it was going through the hose, but should turn dark red by the time it is ready.

Bottling Amber Ale

I filled 61 bottles and BEER mom capped them. Then she moved the bottles into the cases and cleaned a lot of my mess while I was picking up my supplies.

The beer should be ready by next weekend, but gets to condition in our our basement for a few days first. I will be moving it to our fridge Wednesday or Thursday. Tonight BEER mom and I will be brewing some cherry chream soda, so expect pictures from that tomorrow.

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