Beer Company™ Homemade Cherry CREAM soda

Posted by admin on Sunday 2 March 2008

The wife and I brewed up a batch of homemade cream soda last night so we will be sampling some of that around the time my Amber Ale gets done.

Making homemade cream soda is very easy and doesn’t require a lot of time or ingredients, but if you are making a large enough batch it helps if you have brewing equipment.

We researched recipes and found you can easily make homemade cream soda using things you already have in your kitchen, but since my beer usually makes 6 gallons, we decided to buy ingredients so we could make plenty of our own.

When I was picking up the ingredients for my Amber Ale last weekend we also purchased cream soda extract and cherry flavoring. We needed to use my fermenter for both my beer and BEER mom’s cream soda, so she got to wait until I was done before she could have at it.

The recipe we used called for dissolving 8 cups of sugar in warm water, so we put 1 gallon of water on the stove and added sugar when it began boiling. At the same time I was sterilizing all the bottles and she was activating the champagne yeast in a cup of warm water.

Depending on the style and type of cream soda you go for, yeast is not an absolute necessity, but it’s hard to yield a perfectly carbonated beverage without it. We picked up this yeast at our local home brew store for $0.53. Once the process is complete you won’t be able to see or taste it.

Sugar quickly caramelizes into rock candy, so once it was dissolved I moved our brew pot from the stove to our sink where cold water and ice were waiting to cool it off. Then, once the temperature dropped to about 85°F we added the cream soda extract (at this point you would add root beer extract if you were making root beer instead) and the cherry flavoring.

We temporarily moved the mixture to the fermenter and filled it with cool water to the 4 gallon mark. At this point the mixture was around 8o°F and was ready for the yeast to be added. Once the yeast was fully dissolved we moved it into plastic bottles using the siphon hose and bottling wand from my beer kit.

Now, similar to making beer, the bottles get to sit and condition at room temperature for 4 -5 days. Once the carbonation occurs the bottles will firm and we will move them to the refridgerator for another week before they are ready.

Our Beer Company™ Amber Ale and Homemade Cherry CREAM soda will be ready just in time for our upcoming baby showers.

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