Homeroasted, Homebrewed Coffee

Posted by admin on Monday 17 March 2008

I failed to mention in my last two posts that in addition to brewing beer, I started roasting my own coffee as well. I began this weekend using an old popcorn popper and 5 pounds of green (unroasted) coffee.

Similar to what I discovered with making beer, if you enjoy coffee – roasting your own just makes sense. It tastes better than anything you could ever buy, is inexpensive, and saves a ton of money in the long run.

I love coffee just as much as I do beer, so prior to roasting my own I bought whole bean coffee to grind myself. I found this was still cheaper than buying ground coffee and it allowed me to brew what ever style of coffee I desired (espresso, drip, press, etc).

Buying it whole bean cost $10 – 12 per pound and typically last me about a month. By roasting my own I am able to buy different varieties of beans from around the world and have them shipped for still less than $5 / pound.

If stored properly, green coffee can last a long time, so not only can I store it and create my own blends of coffee, I am able to choose how dark or light it is too. With whole bean or preground coffee I had to drink the same thing for at least a month before getting anything else.

Brewing beer is still number one in my book, so I don’t plan on becoming COFFEE dad anytime soon (although the website is available). I just figured my coffee endeavors were worth mentioning since you will probably hear about them again when I make my next batch of coffee beer.

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  1. Laura aka BEERmom

    I love milk.. so should I get a moo cow and make my own?

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