New paint for baby

Posted by admin on Friday 21 March 2008

BEER mom and I decided to paint the baby’s room before he gets here and before the shower we are having this weekend.

It used to be a whole assortment of colors left over from the previous owners. One wall was half white and half pink, another was light blue, and the other two were a pale yellow.

We choose to tone it down a bit with light beige and a dark brown accent. We also added the decorations we received last weekend.

Zebra Canvas

He now has a zebra, monkey, and lion to watch over him as he sleeps.

Lion Canvas

We also found a few more hoodies at Goodwill to add to his already large pile of clothes.

More Baby Clothes

BEER mom was in the hospital yesterday thanks to an early baby scare, but is home now, and if all goes as planned we will have 3 more weeks before the room gets any use.

Baby Crib

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