More Nut Brown Ale & Bottles

Posted by admin on Sunday 16 March 2008

I now have 3 bottles of the first batch of beer ever brewed under the BEER dad name back in my possession. I will probably drink one tonight and plan to put at least one more into a six pack with my espresso stout and an amber ale. There is one more espresso stout roaming around in Wichita, and if I can convince the owner to return it I will make 2 six packs of each of my first 6 brews.

BEER mom and I were in Kansas City last night for one of our baby showers and I handed out some of my amber ale. I didn’t hear any complaints and also received compliments from the people who had some of my nut brown ale. I am trying to convince everyone that drinks to save brown bottles for me so I can clean and reuse them, that way I can continue to give away my beer without the added expense of buying each time.

When you brew your own beer the packaging is always the most expensive part. I took 12 of my amber ale last night and came home with 10 empty bottles (not sure what happened to the others). Then by brother gave me back 2 bottles he had from the nut brown ale and my dad gave me the 3 bottles that still contain some of my first brew.

Thank you to everyone saved the beer in the event that forgot to save some, and everyone planning on hoarding bottles for me.

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