Wheat Beer

Posted by admin on Sunday 30 March 2008

BEER mom and I had a very busy week since we now have an entire BEER family, but that didn’t stop us from making wheat beer on Saturday.

My whole family actually helped out with this batch because they were in town this weekend visiting Kaden.

Laura and I ran to our local homebrew store before they arrived and picked up the last can of wheat beer extract. The owner said she didn’t expect such a large demand because everyone had been buying stout all winter, but her customers usually switch to wheat beer the first nice week of spring. This is good stuff to know for some of our future ventures (beercompany.org).

Before I get into the brewing details, here are a few more pictures of our 6 day old son, Kaden.

Me holding Kaden

Kaden and his grandma (my mom)

Kaden and his grandpa (my dad)

Kaden and his aunt Stacie (my sister)

The wheat beer started out like every other brew with me sanitizing everything. Only this time my little sister, Laura’s Mom (aka BEER grandma #2), and my dad (aka BEER grandpa) watched and helped out when needed.

Sanitised Brewing Equipment

I had to buy more corn sugar (brewing sugar) and bottles this time too, so my total tab at the homebrew store was around $35. The brewing sugar will last me two more batches, and as long as I don’t give any more away, the bottles can be reused, so it’s still well worth the cost to make my own beer.

Corn Sugar for Brewing

We boiled water and warmed the can of wheat beer extract in the sink. Then, once my brew pot was warm enough, we poured in 1 kg of corn sugar, let it dissolve, and added in the extract.

Dissolving Corn Sugar

Once everything was mixed we had beer wort, which needed to be cooled before adding the brewing yeast.

Wheat Beer Wort

I moved the wort to the fermenter and we filled it with cool water and ice to get it between 70° and 80° F in order to add the yeast. The yeast had been activating in a luke-warm mug for about 5 minutes prior, and we also gave the mixture a good stir before pitching.

Wheat Beer Extract

The airlock on the fermenter is already bubbling, which means in about 4 – 5 days it will be time to bottle wheat beer.

Expect more pictures and another update on Kaden later. He had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit with the other pre-mature babies for the past week, but is the biggest one there and the only one in a regular crib. He should finally get to come home tomorrow night or early Tuesday.

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