Bottled Coffee Beer

Posted by admin on Sunday 18 May 2008

Our coffee beer is now living in 67 wonderful bottles of caffeinated goodness. We bottled it last night prior to the Riverfest fireworks finale. Once again we followed our usual bottling routine, meaning I sterilized and sanitized everything, primed the bottles, and begin filling them when everything was ready.

Sterilized Bottles

Laura (BEER mom to those of you who are new to the site) was taking a nap most of the time, but capped the first few bottles and then really helped by feeding the baby while I filled the rest. (Feeding him is my job on weekends but we were in a hurry to get to the Riverfest.)

Beer Cases to be Filled

We ended up with just under three cases and extremely dark beer with which to fill the bottles. This time the beer was a very dark brown color (near black) but rightly so since it was made with 1/4 of the volume being coffee.

Filling Coffee Beer

As usual, it is back in the basement for another 5 or 6 days. Then I will begin moving it 12-18 bottles at a time to the fridge for conditioning and drinking. I decided the bottles of wheat beer that tasted best were those that sat at 70°F for the extra week rather than those that were moved immediately to the fridge.

Kaden is also doing well. The picture above is him deep in thought about whatever pimps think about. Bitches I suppose.

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