Almost bottling time for coffee beer

Posted by admin on Thursday 15 May 2008

The bubbling in the fermenter is beginning to slow which means it’s almost bottling time. I need to pick up more corn sugar Saturday morning because I ran out, so most likely we will do work Saturday afternoon.

I also received my bottle caps and a new thermometer today, so other than the sugar and the beer being not quite ready, everything is good to go.

People have asked if I ever thought about putting labels on my beer, which currently I do not plan on doing, but I am looking into how much it would cost to have my own BEER dad or Beercompany bottle caps made.

I’ll be back this weekend with pictures from bottling, and hopefully whatever information I find on having custom caps made. The ones I have been using are what they call “overrun caps” because they are custom caps that go over the quantity ordered and are then sold in bulk at a discount.

These I got today are for a well known brand.

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