Coffee Beer [Brew 5]

Posted by admin on Monday 12 May 2008

As I said before, there’s not a lot going on around here except us being parents, however I did get to sample several other styles of beer while I was in Chicago all of last week for work.

I flew out of Wichita last Saturday to set up for a trade show and worked at my company’s Chicago office for most of the week, then returned Friday afternoon.


While in Chicago I enjoyed several brews local to the area, and decided when I return I would make another coffee beer since that has been my favorite so far. BEER mom and I began the brewing process this Saturday by roasting a couple pounds of fresh coffee to use in the ale.

Roasting Coffee

I stored the roasted beans until tonight to let them reach their full flavor, but sampled some this morning to ensure I reached the strength and aroma I was going for.

Fresh Coffee

Tonight I started the brew by grinding the coffee and getting it going while sanitizing all my supplies and boiling water on the stove.

Ground Coffee

Once everything was clean and the water was boiling I added the 1 kilo of corn sugar the stout called for and poured the first of the coffee into the fermenter. Meanwhile I was also warming the wort so it would be easy to mix in with the sugar.

2 Cups of Corn Sugar

Now once again, in about 4-6 days or whenever the bottle caps I ordered arrive (which ever comes last) we will be bottling more coffee beer. It’s fermenting down in the basement like all the other times, only this time there is also some nice new paint thanks to BEER mom.


If you are wondering about Kaden, I just wrote about him on That Smith as well.

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