Wichita Coffee Beer

Posted by admin on Monday 26 May 2008

I am pleased to introduce the newest addition to the BEER dad, Beer Company, and Wichita Brewing Co. line of ales: Wichita Coffee Beer.

Coffee Beer

I admit, I first got into it Thursday evening but was too busy updating all our sites to post anything then.

This coffee beer is just as dark as my espresso stout (which was made with espresso rather than drip brewed coffee) but is a little lighter in body and doesn’t come with the same after taste.  Those of you who have been following me on twitter probably know all about that by now.  I know many of you are also waiting to try some.

I’m also pleased to announce the first ever bi-monthly BEER dad beer tasting party, and the larger announcement – if economic and market conditions appear suitable (I’m currently doing research) I may consider starting a full blown brewery.  More on all that later.

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