New baby pictures

Posted by admin on Wednesday 25 June 2008

We picked up the pictures we had taken the other day so expect a lot more Kaden with every post.

BEER mom and baby were playing earlier and she took some nice photos which are in the Baby Smith album starting here. This is one of my favorites from her:

When I got home we picked up his three month photos from Background’s Photography in Derby. There are too many to post all at once, so go see them in the album beginning with this one.

I used to work with the photographer at Office This, and she did a great job so we plan on getting more pictures from her in a few months. These are some of my favorites that she took:

Kaden also got a special treat today for his 3 month birthday (a shiny new domain name for those of you who weren’t paying attention).

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  1. Becca

    Very very very cute… i cant get over how much he looks like you chad.

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