Amber Bitter

Posted by admin on Friday 11 July 2008

BEER dad Bitter
My bitter beer is done and is amazing.  I have already tried several bottles and rank it right next to the coffee beer, if not better.  The beer did end up a dark amber rather than pale, which is what I was shooting for, and has a strong (but not so much bitter) flavor.

Come try them if you dare, but I have to warn you at the rate I’m drinking them they won’t last long.  I am making amber bock next, which I will probably start in about 2 – 3 weeks.

As for the other main subject of the site, Kaden has been doing alright and has a few new pictures and videos on his site thanks to BEER mommy.  I have been busy with work all week, but you can count on us playing tomorrow and more funny pictures of him tomorrow night.  I will finally be posting on that smith again tomorrow as well.

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