Baby today, Beer tomorrow

Posted by admin on Friday 4 July 2008

The bitter is almost done, so we will probably bottle it late tomorrow. Today we celebrated Kaden’s first 4th of July by taking his mom out to lunch, which she says it benefits him just as much as her.  We also took several new pictures with him.

He recently learned how to squeal and how much fun it can be making noises.  Here is a video of him from last night.

The new pictures are in his photo album.  A few of my favorites are the one of him dressed for work..

Him working hard at his desk…

Trying out his new snugli after a hard day’s work..

And me and him relaxing…

He’s started sucking on whatever he can find as well, so we were both covered in baby drool after that last picture.  It’s just something that comes with parenting I guess.

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