Kaden’s Monday

Posted by admin on Monday 28 July 2008

Kaden’s grandpas came to visit today.  Both of them, though at separate times.  He had a pretty big day so he’s finally asleep now, but one of his activities included another photo shoot with mommy.

There are 11 new pictures in the Baby Smith album (click to be taken to the first one).  Below are my favorites.  Check Baby Smith tomorrow for the rest of the pictures and a video from BEER mom.

My dad is in town today and tomorrow but forgot to try a bitter while he was here.  My entire family is coming in a week or two so I will have to force him to try one if there are any left then.

As usual, hit me up if you want one.  I forgot to mention the other day we got more professional photos done as well.  We should have them back and posted by next weekend.

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