Brewing Amber Bock

Posted by admin on Sunday 3 August 2008

Pitcher of Amber Bock

I brewed some amber bock this evening.  Now let’s just hope it will look as nice as the Amber Bock pictured when it’s ready.

Bock Beer Recipe

Today’s brewing wasn’t much different from my other 6 brews, however this time I did use amber malt instead of corn sugar to give the bock a richer color and flavor and more full body.  I boiled about 1.5 gallons of water and added it to the wort concentrate before adding the malt.

Amber Malt

The malt didn’t look very appealing once it was added, but then again neither do most babies until they grow up.  After adding the malt, I filled the rest of the fermenter and did add one cup of corn sugar so the yeast would have plenty to feed on.

Bock in Fermenter

I activated the yeast while the wort cooled and took the original gravity.  Once it was cool enough, I pitched the yeast, sealed the airlock and lid and moved it to it’s brewing spot in the basement.  I have about 6 bitter’s left to hold me over until it’s ready, so hopefully it will be an easy week.  Bottling next weekend and bock 7 days after that.

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