American Ale

Posted by admin on Friday 26 December 2008

I decided to go patriotic with my latest brew so tonight I made American Ale.

American Ale

This is the 10th batch of beer I’ve made and the 10th unique recipe. Next time I am leaning towards another Brown ale, which will repeat what I made when I first started brewing over a year ago, except this time I plan to make it with amber malt rather than sugar.

I am officially out of coffee beer and I’m just about run out of coffee, so I ordered 15lbs of green coffee to replenish my supply. 15lbs is a lot of coffee so I will probably sell some once my shipment arrives.  Of course we just celebrated Kaden’s first Christmas as well, so expect more dad-related posts when we get our pictures back.

The American Ale will be ready to bottle on Thursday, so as long as our shipment of caps arrives by then we will have an update on that too.

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