351 days of parenting

Posted by admin on Tuesday 10 March 2009

Kaden is 351 days old today, which means in exactly 2 weeks we will be celebrating his 1st birthday with beer and hot girls at Hooter’s.

If you haven’t heard already, my wheat beer has been done for a couple weeks (I’m drinking one now actually), and  turned out well. I shared some over the weekend and so far the response has been good. I also ordered another 10lbs of coffee that I’m selling on Wichita Coffee, so my next brew will be either porter or another coffee beer.

This past weekend we took Kaden to visit his grandparents and cousins in Overland Park, and brought home a few gifts since they won’t be able to make it to Wichita for his birthday celebration.  He got a SpongeBob chair from my parents and almost came home with a puppy.  We’re getting him a wagon for the big 01.

Deep in thoughtCool sunglassesGrabbing the camera
Front teethNew SpongeBob ChairKaden & Grandpa

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