Sumatra Stout

Posted by admin on Sunday 17 May 2009

I brewed homebrew #13 a couple weeks ago, and it just got to the point where it is ready to drink.  This time we made another coffee beer using 1/2lb of the Sumatra Mandheling I have been roasting and selling on Twitter as @WichitaCoffee.

Sumatra Stout

I haven’t been able to take pictures yet, but believe me, it is dark, and very tasty.

We used drip brewed coffee this time rather than espresso, so I am calling it a “coffee beer” instead of another “espresso stout.” The Sumatra also has a bolder, almost smokey flavor that makes the beer taste more like a lager than a stout or ale.  We ended up with 68 bottles this time and are leaning towards another amber bock for June.

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