The BEER dad Countdown

Posted by admin on Thursday 4 June 2009

Tonight I will embark on a journey I call the BEER dad countdown.

First 12 brews from BEERdad

Like a modern day Noah, but crafty, I have been saving two of every beer I’ve made.

Not including the coffee beer I just made, there have been 12 in all, and my intent is to drink them before my coffee beer is gone and my sparkling ale (which I am making later) is ready to bottle.

The brews I’ve made so far are:

  1. Nut Brown Ale
  2. Espresso Stout
  3. Amber Ale
  4. Wheat Beer
  5. Coffee Beer
  6. Amber Bitter
  7. Amber Bock
  8. Porter
  9. Espresso Stout (w/ Wichita Coffee)
  10. American Ale
  11. Amber Wheat
  12. English Bitter
  13. Coffee Beer (w/ Wichita Coffee)
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