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Posted by admin on Monday 17 August 2009

My Brazilian coffee beer has been done for a few weeks, and thanks to a helpful commenter, I noticed my Red lager is too. 135 bottles of homebrew take a long time to drink, so I have plenty of time to spend with the baby as I think of something for my 17th beer.

BEER mom says her dad wants to watch me make my next brew. I recently ordered 10 lbs of Kona coffee, so a Kona coffee beer isn’t out of the picture.

As for Kaden, he’s finally getting more teeth and will be 17 months next weekend.  The last 17 months have been amazing. I am definitely glad we had a boy first instead of a girl. Here are a few pictures from the last couple months.

Looking out the windowSitting with MommyChillin at the pool
Scooting aroundWagon rideYelling with Grandma
Future Whopper eaterDrinkin juiceMommy kisses

I will share more homebrew pictures next time.

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