Fresh Brewed Porter

Posted by admin on Sunday 19 October 2008

Porter is done.

Let me know when you’re ready for a tasting.

6 Month Pictures

Posted by admin on Monday 13 October 2008

6 months oldHolding FeetHolding Puppy
Family PortraitFamily PortraitNew Hoodie
Happy Baby

Bottled Porter

Posted by admin on Friday 10 October 2008

I noticed yesterday our porter was ready for bottling, so we spent the evening sanitizing, priming, filling, and capping the bottles. It’s a lot of work, but worth it because we ended up with just under 70 bottles for only $30.

My porter now gets to condition for about a week before I raid it. You could drink some now, but it would be too sugary to enjoy. It will end up almost exactly 5% abv and slightly darker than the picture a few posts below.

Homebrew Porter (Brew #8)

Posted by admin on Saturday 4 October 2008

We finally got those pesky hospital bills paid off so I was able to buy green coffee and brew beer again! It’s been about a month since I’ve had either, so I’m looking forward to when both are ready to drink.

We brewed the porter tonight, which was our 8th brew, using malt rather than corn sugar. This means it will have a more full body when it’s ready, which to me means more delicious.

I used a pre-hopped kit again because I’m still not brave enough to brew from scratch, and don’t have a big enough brew pot for grain brewing.

My coffee should arrive Tuesday and the porter will be ready to move into 72 bottles next weekend. It will be ready to drink about 8 days after that. The porter will be around 5% alcohol when ready.

Also good news: BEER dad has been renewed for another year of beer and parenting.

6 months of parenthood

Posted by admin on Thursday 25 September 2008

Kaden's SonogramJust BornTwo days old
One month oldTwo months oldThree months old
Four months oldFive months oldSix months old

Someone’s waiting for Halloween…

Posted by admin on Tuesday 16 September 2008

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My 8th brew will be… [Poll Results]

Posted by admin on Monday 1 September 2008

I will be brewing porter for my 8th brew and then coffee beer again for #9.

Black Porter

My amber bock is almost gone, but I won’t be able to go to the homebrew store for ingredients until the weekend after I get back from Chicago, which is three weeks away.  I should get plenty of 312 while I’m away though, so I’m not too worried about running out.

Photo: Paxsimius

What to brew next?

Posted by admin on Sunday 24 August 2008

Once again I need help deciding what I should brew next.  I’m leaning towards porter, which is similar to stout but not as dark. I have also been contemplating a pale ale.

We will begin the next brew the week of the 1st through the 5th.  That will make it ready to drink or bottle the weekend I get back from Chicago.

Little Man

Posted by admin on Tuesday 19 August 2008

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Amber Bock

Posted by admin on Sunday 17 August 2008

My 7th brew is ready and is awfully tasty.

Amber Bock

I haven’t had bock before so I can’t compare it to anything, but it does taste lighter than my last few beers.  It’s good so I will make it again in a few months.