Kaden’s First Birthday

Posted by admin on Friday 27 March 2009

Kaden turned 1 the other day so we did what any awesome parent would do and took him to Hooters to celebrate.  He had a blast and will have plenty to remember in 20 years or so.

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351 days of parenting

Posted by admin on Tuesday 10 March 2009

Kaden is 351 days old today, which means in exactly 2 weeks we will be celebrating his 1st birthday with beer and hot girls at Hooter’s.

If you haven’t heard already, my wheat beer has been done for a couple weeks (I’m drinking one now actually), and  turned out well. I shared some over the weekend and so far the response has been good. I also ordered another 10lbs of coffee that I’m selling on Wichita Coffee, so my next brew will be either porter or another coffee beer.

This past weekend we took Kaden to visit his grandparents and cousins in Overland Park, and brought home a few gifts since they won’t be able to make it to Wichita for his birthday celebration.  He got a SpongeBob chair from my parents and almost came home with a puppy.  We’re getting him a wagon for the big 01.

Deep in thoughtCool sunglassesGrabbing the camera
Front teethNew SpongeBob ChairKaden & Grandpa

Amber Wheat Beer

Posted by admin on Sunday 8 February 2009


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Inauguration Beer

Posted by admin on Tuesday 20 January 2009

My American ale is finally done and happens to taste excellent. Not only am I glad it’s ready, I’m slightly amazed by what day it finished on. Because of that, I will call it my special inauguration beer. BEER mom and I had tickets for today’s events, but ended up staying home since airfare is expensive.

BEER dad American Ale

In about a week I am going to brew an amber wheat beer for BEER dad brew #11.

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Tips on Bottling Beer

Posted by admin on Saturday 3 January 2009

The corn sugar and caps I ordered ended up shipping late, so we were forced to wait an extra day before bottling our American Ale. While an extra day may not seem like much, the effect it has on homebrew can be disastrous depending on your recipe.

Our ale seems to be unaffected, but it is always good to bottle your beer at the precise time it’s ready. We ended up with 72 bottles this round, which will be ready for tasting in about 10 days.

72 bottles of American Ale

Many visitors to BEER dad ask me “how do you know when your beer is ready to bottle?” and some even ask how exactly you bottle it, so here are a few tips on when and how to bottle beer.
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American Ale

Posted by admin on Friday 26 December 2008

I decided to go patriotic with my latest brew so tonight I made American Ale.

American Ale

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Kaden’s New Toy

Posted by admin on Sunday 21 December 2008

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BEER dad Chili

Posted by admin on Friday 28 November 2008

While my third batch of coffee beer has been ready for most of the month, I decided that rather than bragging about it on here I would instead make my way around town and pass out samples.

24 bottles have been given away so far and the response is pretty much the same as all the other times… it’s amazing.

This weekend BEER mom and I brewed up another one of our award winning concoctions – chili. The exact recipe we use is top secret, mainly because it wins at chili cook-offs, but here is a list of ingredients it includes:
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Espresso Stout

Posted by admin on Saturday 1 November 2008

My porter is running low so Laura and I brewed espresso stout tonight.  We made some for our second brew last December and liked it, so I decided to make more. This is our 9th brew.

I used my own secret recipe this time, and my own beans, since I didn’t roast coffee last time I made it.  It won’t be ready for her 21st birthday, but that’s ok because I wouldn’t want to share it with her friends anyway. We will bottle it next weekend and should be able to drink it by the 18th.

Baby Drinking Beer

Posted by admin on Sunday 26 October 2008

I’m sure this post is going to bring even more interesting search traffic.

Kaden trying to steal my porter

No, there are no pictures of babies drinking beer on BEER dad, but now that Kaden is 7 months old he thinks he’s old enough to steal my mug. Not cool.